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1. Rental fee

For the rented asset, a fee is due to the renter which will vary according to the rental period and the rented vehicle; upon signing the contract, a deposit\security deposit of €1500 (one thousand five hundred\00) is paid which will be returned by the lessor to the user in the absence of damage caused by the same and once the correct fulfillment of all the obligations set out in the contract has been verified. The user undertakes to pay the hirer’s agent at the end of the rental the amount due under this contract. In the event that the user does not pay the rental fee, this contract will be automatically terminated and the user undertakes to return the goods to the lessor. The charterer will keep the sums collected as a penalty.

2. Responsibility

The Customer will be responsible for any damage suffered by the vehicle during the rental, except in cases of unforeseeable circumstances and force majeure. In the event of failure to return the car keys due to loss – damage a compensation of 1500 € is agreed.

3. Obligations of the user

The user undertakes to:

take delivery of the vehicle with the diligence of a good father of a family;
use the instrument for the applications shown in the attached user manual ;
pay the payment due;
return the property in question at the expiry of the contract;

The user is responsible for the custody of the instrument and for damages caused to third parties due to improper use.
The user will also be obliged to pay, in the event of damage or destruction of the vehicle, the costs that will be foreseen for the repair or repurchase of the same.

4. Return and extension of the rental

The return of the vehicle will take place at the time agreed between the parties and better indicated in the art. 3 of this contract. If the Customer wishes to change the terms of the return, he must obtain the prior written consent of the renter by making a formal request within 24 hours before the date and time scheduled for returning the vehicle. At the end of the rental there is a tolerance of 60 minutes beyond which an extra day is charged in order to be able to compensate for the non-return of the vehicle as per the contract, the unwillingness to rent the vehicle again that has not been returned

5. State of the car

The vehicle is in perfect working order, fully functional, with a full fuel tank and with all the documents required by law for road traffic and with valid insurance policies. The user is required to conserve and guard the vehicle and the documentation entrusted to him with care and correctness. The Customer undertakes to return the vehicle in the same condition in which he received it. The Customer declares that the vehicle viewed before delivery does not show any scratches or damage to the bodywork and internal parts of the vehicle other than those possibly reported with a specific note written in the body of the same contract by the renter. The lessor reserves the right to check the condition of the rented vehicle at the end of the rental agreement, within 5 working days from the date of the actual delivery (autonomous return hypothesis with the keys in the box). Within this period, should the lessor find damage or malfunctions attributable to the negligent or willful conduct of the user, he will notify the same in writing and charge him for all expenses according to the current tariffs.

In the event that the user should find damage and/or anomalies on the rented vehicle and does not report them by describing them in the space dedicated at the time of delivery, the vehicle itself will be considered accepted without exceptions and reservations.

6. Use of the car

The user, aware of the criminal liability attributable solely to him, declares that the vehicle delivered is suitable for the use agreed with the lessor. The vehicle can never be driven (for example):

under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
by a person without a licence or with expired validity;
off-road or on unsuitable roads;
to travel abroad subject to prior authorization in writing from

7. Circulation

The Customer is personally responsible for the infringements committed to the Highway Code and for the non-payment of motorway tolls and will be required to reimburse, for the entire amount, the related penalties and expenses plus a charge of €150 (one hundred and fifty/00) for the administrative management of practices.

8. Ownership of the rented asset

The ownership of the vehicle and any accessories always and in any case remains with the hirer and the user acknowledges that he will never in any way be able to claim any right of ownership properties. It is forbidden for the user to sub-lease, mortgage, pledge or guarantee the vehicle in any form whatsoever. If third parties carry out legal actions, seizures or executive acts of any kind, the user is obliged to immediately present and demonstrate with every document in his possession that the vehicle is the subject of the rental agreement and is obliged to notify the renter of the fact immediately. The user undertakes to keep a copy of this contract inside the vehicle and to show it to the competent authorities. If due to non-compliance with this obligation, the vehicle should be stopped or seized, the user will have to reimburse the renter for the amount of damage suffered in addition to the amount relating to each day of rental, except for compensation for greater damage.

9. Sublease

It is expressly prohibited to sub-lease the object of this agreement.

10. Repairs

In the event of a breakdown, malfunction or defect, the user is advised not to use the vehicle, in order to avoid possible aggravations or damage to third parties. The user is required to immediately inform the renter of the fact. In the event that there is an urgent need for repairs, the user will be able to do so only and exclusively with the prior written authorization of the lessor. The Customer undertakes not to make any changes to the rented vehicle.

11. Insurance coverage

The car is covered by the following insurance guarantee: Civil Liability Mandatory Car. The copy of the insurance policy has been viewed by the user who declares that he is well aware of the limits covered, of the deductibles that cannot be reset.

12. Claims

In the event of an accident or any other event resulting in damage to the leased vehicle, the user will be required to reproduce the vehicle in pristine condition. In the event that the vehicle in the pending contract de quo is involved in an accident and is damaged due to the fault of others attributable to the sole owner of the right to obtain the insurance settlement of the damages suffered will remain exclusively the Grantor. In the event of theft or accident resulting in the total destruction or total unusability of the leased vehicle, the lease agreement is automatically terminated and the vehicle driver will be directly and entirely liable for the financial consequences of the loss or theft of the vehicle and will be therefore required to pay to the lessor the entire consideration of the value of the rented vehicle.

13. Fines and fines

The fines and fines for infractions of the Road Code of the vehicle committed during the rental period are at the charge of the user.

14. Faculty of withdrawal

Without prejudice to the user’s right to withdraw at any time for any reason from the rental. In this case the user undertakes to return the good/subject of this rental agreement.

15. Confidentiality

Both parties undertake to maintain the secrecy of the information relating to the activity of the other party. This obligation of confidentiality will not apply to information that has become in the public domain. All in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003, art. 13 and 23 regarding the processing of personal data, which will be used for contractual purposes only.

16. Applicable law

This agreement is governed by Italian law. Although not expressly provided, the provisions of the Civil Code apply, and in particular the provisions provided for in Article 1571 of the Civil Code and following.

17. Competent court.

In the   case   of   disputes   relating   to the   execution   of   this   agreement,   the  exclusively   and   without fail   competence   the   Forum   of  Tempio   Pausania

18. General provisions

Any modification to this contract must be made in writing and signed by both parties under penalty of nullity. Pursuant to articles 1341 and 1342 of the Civil Code, the following clauses 1-18 are specifically approved in writing.

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