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Consult our F.A.Q., they are exhaustive for most questions about our services.
If they are not, please contact us by email at

I need to change my reservation. How do I contact you?
If for any reason you should delay your arrival or departure or change your travel plans, contact us immediately at +39 329 324 9727< /p>

My flight is delayed and I have booked an airport pickup. What should I do?
Again you must contact us immediately at +39 329 324 9727. We will give you maximum support compatibly with our operations.

What documents are required for the collection and use of my rental car?
The documents that are absolutely necessary are a valid driving licence, a current identity document, a credit card or cash for the security deposit and a passport if you are not resident in Italy. We also encourage you to bring a hard copy of your booking confirmation with you.

Is my car protected by insurance?
All our cars are covered by liability insurance. In the event of damage or theft, you will be asked for a refund of a maximum deductible which varies according to the rented car.

Are people traveling with me protected by insurance?
Naturally. The RC policy insures injuries to passengers, but not those suffered by the driver. We provide an accident protection service that offers coverage and reimbursements up to a ceiling of 10,400,000 euros.

Does the car rented to me already have small scratches or slight imperfections?
Should this happen, the small pre-existing damages are accurately reported on a form that our representatives will deliver to you and that you will be asked to sign for receipt, obviously after checking that there are no unreported damages. Before leaving, therefore, carefully check that the form reports exactly the real damages and if something does not match, do not hesitate to inform our representatives.

There is a fault on my car. How do I do it?
No problem: call +39 329 324 9727 immediately
Emir Rent will do everything possible to allow you to resume your journey as quickly as possible and in complete safety.

Unfortunately, I damaged the car in an accident without counterparty. What happens now?
First of all, contact us in advance at +39 329 324 9727
In any case, it is essential that you collaborate with our staff in ascertaining the damage: this will help us to better evaluate what happened and charge you the correct amount. Finally, remember that if the damage causes the car to stop running and you will therefore be forced to call a tow truck, you will also be charged for this cost.

My car has been stolen. How should I behave?
First of all, you must go immediately to a police or carabinieri station and file a report, and contact us on +39 333 733 7019. Then go to our nearest rental station within 24 hours of the incident to deliver a copy of the report and the keys to the vehicle. We remind you that the rental agreement will be considered concluded only when you deliver the report and the vehicle keys.

Unfortunately I was involved in an accident, what should I do?
Once the damage to people has been ascertained, immediately fill in the friendly assessment form, which must be signed by both parties, and deliver it to our rental station at the end of the rental. Inform us immediately by calling +39 329 324 9727

Have I lost or damaged my keys?
The entire excess will be charged plus the costs of recovering the vehicle.

I got a fine during the rental. What happens now?
In this case, the fine is delivered by the competent Authority to Emir Rent as the owner of the vehicle. Emir Rent is not required to pay it and, based on the data of the vehicle that committed the offence, identifies the driver and communicates your data to the Authority. At this point, the Authority then returns the fine to you, and it is up to you to pay it or contest it. We remind you that the terms for the dispute normally start from the second notification.

Does the car have a full tank of fuel?
We confirm that your car will be delivered to you with a full tank, and you will always be required to return the car with a full tank. To avoid this burden, you can quit refuel the car with a fuel level lower than the initial one: in this case the refueling will be carried out by Emir Rent who will charge you the cost of the fuel, as well as a supplement for the service. In the event of incorrect refuelling, the entire excess will be charged plus the costs of recovery and restoration of the vehicle.

Is the use of a child seat compulsory?
As established by the Highway Code, if the child has not turned 12 or has not exceeded 1.50 meters in height, it is compulsory. Due to limited availability, we advise you to book it in advance.

What limitations does a driver under 23 have?
Drivers under the age of 23 must pay an additional service at the time of rental, and in any case are not authorized to drive certain car groups. It is mandatory to report the matter in the online quote request form or by telephone.

Is it permissible for other drivers to drive my rental car?
Emir Rent applies an open policy on this point, but it is mandatory to notify the rental station of any additional drivers who will have to show their original license and insert their names in the rental contract. We remind you that every driver must possess the minimum requirements to drive a car, i.e. have had a license for more than a year and be of the minimum age to drive a specific car group. The cost of the service is quantified based on the number of drivers.

What are my duties when returning the car?
First of all, we invite you to return the car well in advance. However, the return procedures require some activities and therefore time. You must park the car in the marked areas and hand over the car keys in our offices. Remember not to leave personal effects on board (for which we are not responsible). Our staff will inspect the car to check for missing fuel and any damage that occurred during the rental. In fact, we remind you that it must be returned in the same conditions and with the initial rental equipment. If you have to return the car during the office closing hours, you can leave the keys in the appropriate box.

What if for any reason I don’t return the car after the scheduled time/day?
The agreed rate covers exactly the rental period shown on the contract. If for any reason you return the car after the scheduled date/time, you will be charged an extra day of charge for each day of delay, subject to a tolerance of 59 minutes with respect to the initial return time. For example, if you scheduled the return at 1pm and the return takes place at 1.55pm, there will be no further charge. From 14.00 onwards, an extra day will be charged.
If the car is returned one or more days after the agreed date, an amount double the daily rate will be charged

How do I get the rental invoice?
You must request it from our staff. It will be sent to you by email.

How can I report a complaint to you?
The email address is at your disposal. We guarantee quick and exhaustive answers.


  • Vehicle recovery costs for a serious accident – €150.00 + KM


  • Full/Partial Theft, Fire and Robbery – 15%
  • KASCO – €1,500.00
  • CRYSTALS – €1,000.00
  • MECHANICAL DAMAGES – €1,000.00
  • VANDALIC ACTS – €1,000.00
  • NATURAL EVENTS – €1000.00
  • DAMAGE REPAIR – €1,000.00
  • ENGINE DAMAGE – €1,000.00
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